Thursday, 29 August 2019

Autumn Card with the Wallace Family.

This is a super cute Autumn card 
I used the Wallace Family from Lavinia Stamps.

For this I did the Joseph's Colour Technique.
A beautiful technique that can be used with any other stamps.


I cut a piece of card measuring 5 1/4" x 7 3/4". And randomly blended the colours. I used Distress Oxide Fossilised Amber, Peeled Paint and Fired Brick. I also used a Distress Ink Spiced Marmalade. Those are the colours I kept to, to make this card.

I then used my Oak Leaf to stamp all around the edge. I didn't do the middle as that would be covered by the topper. I Used an embossing pad to stamp with and Wow! Clear Gloss Embossing powder and heat set it.

Now, Time for the magic to happen.
Once all the heat embossing has been done I waited for a few moments for it to cool down. Then I used Distress Oxide Black Soot, blending it all over. But any other colour like Brown will work. Because of the Heat embossing the ink will not stay on it. After a few seconds after blending the ink all over it. Buff up the card with a paper towel or in my case an old tea towel that I use instead of paper towels. I wasn't too bothered about it being patchy in the middle as that will be covered by the topper.

I used another piece of card and cut it a bit bigger than what I wanted, hence the reason why there is two pencil marks to show where I need to cut it down to size. The topper size is 5 1/2" x 3 1/2 " With the Peeled Paint and a mini smoother I Flicked the colour from one side so it was darker at one edge than the top. I found it was easier to cut a bit bigger piece to hold onto and less chance of the card bending as you were flicking the smoothie over it. I then gentle flicked some water over it and dabbed it with my tea towel. Then used my heat gun to dry it before I started to stamp it.

Once I trimmed it to size and keeping the darker edge to the bottom. I used the Oak Leaf stamp and used Peeled Paint. Spiced Marmalade and Fired Brick. Then I stamped the leaves with Fossilized Amber along the top to create depth.

I then stamped the Wallace Family in brown then stamped them again with a bit of black on the bottom where their paws are. With the foliage and the maple leaf I stamped it randomly with the heavier stamping at the bottom and the secondary stamping ( getting 2 prints from the stamp before getting anymore ink.)towards the middle. I then stamped the Mini Berries along the bottom and used Cosmic Shimmer Berry Red Glue to make the dots on the berries. But do this after you have done you Matt and layering on you card. Dabbed the mini smoothie with some Brown gently under the hedgehogs to create a shadow. Used a white Uni ball Signo pen to to do some tiny flicks on the spikes of the hedgehogs. Used a Sakura Gold Gelly Roll pen to do some gold dots in the leaves. This will fit onto a C5 card, with a bigger border.  I made this card blank, so this is why I only have a small border around it.

A lovely, cute Hedgehog card.
For anyone who loves Autumn or Hedgehogs.
I do hope you give this technique a go.
 Thank you for popping by.
Have a lovely day. 
Love Ellie.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Twist'n'Pop Card. Lavinia Stamps

Been along time since I made one of those cards, and was wondering if I could do one with using Lavinia Stamps. So I made it with Using Brusho's, Ivory Card, Black card, (I love using Black Card.) Versafine Clair and Lavinia Stamps. To Make this card I used:

A4 Black card x2
A4 Ivory Card 
A5 Ivory Card
Brusho Green Moss
Brusho SprinkleIT Iridescent Flash
Distress Oxide Peacock Feathers
Versafine Clair Nocturne
Versafine Clair Blue Belle 
Uni-Ball Signo White Pen.
Lavinia Stamps Fairy Foragers
Lavinia Stamps Moments like These
Lavinia Stamps Inspire
Lavinia Stamps Embrace your Dreams
Lavinia Stamps Believe in Magic
Lavinia Stamps Stars
                                       Wow Embossing Glitter Singing in the Rain.
Scoreboard ( I used Hunkydory Adorable Scoreboard.)
Heat Gun
Sakura Gelly Roll Glitter Pen
Uni-ball Signo White Pen.
Creative Expression Mini Smoothies.

I have done the diagrams in white card as they are easy to see the measurements. (But I used black card.)
With you A4 card you need to trim the long length edge down to 29cm. And score at 14.5cm to fold the card in half. As the diagram shows. On the short edge mark 5.5cm from both corners and the along the long side measure 11cm from the corner, and join them up. So you end up with a cross. From the cross measure up 1.5 cm ( red line on diagram.)

Cut away the corners and diagonally join up the 1.5cm marks with a small ball tool to form a cross and the middle of the cross should be in the middles of your previous score line. Fold and burnish with a bone folder to get a nice crisp edges. 

With the arms sticking out you need to fold them inwards as shown. And this should give you something that looks like a house shape.

With you second A4 card you need to cut it to 28cm x 8.5cm. Scoring at 7cm, 14cm and 21cm's. You need to make a valley, mountain and valley fold. That's all the hard bit down,phew! Now , the fun bit of decorating it.

With the A4 and A5 Ivory Card. I spritzed it with water and add Brusho's Moss Green to it. Gently spritzed it with water and dabbed the excess off, to create the background. Used a heat gun to dry it.

You need to cut a strip measuring 8cm x 26cm.from the A4 card you just created the background on. Then mark it along the long side at 6.5cm, 13,cm and 19.5 and cut it to give you your four panels for the card. With the rest of the card trace around the House shape to give you two panels.

With the Inspire words that are Dream, Inspire, Art and Love. Stamp them into position with Versafine Clair Blue Belle then quickly sprinkling the clear embossing powder to heat embossed. 
Place a circle roughly in the middle and blend with Distress Oxides Peacock Feathers. 
Around the edge blend with Versafine Clair Blue Belle. 
You can also use a fine black pen to draw a line round the edge freehand to recreate abit more of interest.

Stamp the fairies in Versafine Clair Nocturne and glue them onto the strip you already done with the four panels.
Use the glitter pen gently onto the fairy wings. Mix the Brusho SprinkleIT with some water and paint it onto the top of the circle for a little nit of sparkle.

With the two house shape panels stamp them with Versafine Clair Nocturne. And blend around the edges with Versafine Clair Blue Belle.
To ground the fairy tear a piece of paper and blend Distress Oxide Peacock Feather to ground her.
Glue them on the the cross shape card (house) as shown. You might need to trim those down by turning it over and seeing if those panels you just glued need trimming down.

Fold the card back to the house shape and cut a piece of A4 . Keeping it at the long length but you only need it 10.5cm wide, fold it in half so that the house shape fits inside. Now stick the house shape in place Sticking both sides down. -When you open it up there should be a little border going round as shown by the red.

With you card/Cross shape open, you need to get your strip of card with the four panels and fold it in half and find the middle and make a mark. Place that mark on the fold line as shown. Take the cover off the red double sided tape and stick that strip down

This is how is should look now and closes like this.

With the A5 Ivory card that you already created you background on you need to cut it to 10cm x 14.5cm. You might need to trim abit of the sides down if its to big to fit on the front of your card. With a large circle place it in the middle but towards the top and blend Distress Oxide Peacock Feathers. Then flick some water on and leave for a few seconds before you dab it with some kitchen roll/tissue to make some water droplets. Dry it with the heat gun. Blend around the edge with Versafine Clair Blue Belle and gently blend the bottom of the circle to create some depth/ shadow.

Stamp a sentiment in the middle of the circle and stick it on the top of the card. You can on the back put some card to write on. Cut a strip of card to go round the card to make a Belly Band Wrap. I stamped the stars on with Versafine Clair Blue Belle and used the Wow Embossing glitter. Which looks a bit like fairy dust as the stars are small.

Thank you for having a look at this.
and dropping by.
Hope to see you again, soon.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Creative Challenge, Lavinia Stamps.

Hi, again. So this month theme is to Make It Bright. Using lovely bright colours and thinking of summer. Lavinia Stamps do monthly challenges where there is a theme and you can enter online with your design. The lucky winner will be picked at random and the winner will receive a lovely £40 gift voucher. Full details here: Creative Challenge 
For this challenge I used Simmi as you can use any colours for her so I made her bright with the Indian Flourish stamp. Then blended around the edges with the same colour. For this card I used the following:
A5 Card blank.
5" x 7" Ivory card.
A4 Ivory card.
A5 Black card.
Versafine Clair Nocturne
Versafine Clair Warm Breeze.
Sakura Gelly Roll Clear Glitter pen
Cosmic Shimmer Specialist Pearl PVA
Brusho's :
  Moss Green,
 Lime Green,
  Sunburst Lemon.
Lavinia Stamp Simmi
Lavinia Stamp Indian Flourish.
Creative Expressions Mini Smoothies.
Tim Holtz Stamping Platform.
Stix2 Perfect Layer Ruler.

With the 5" x 7" Ivory card. I roughly stamped Simmi in the middle with the Versafine Clair Nocturne. Then with a fine paint brush I started to colour her eyes with the Brusho's mixed with water. Blending the Vermilion and yellow together on the eyebrow. Turquoise for the the bottom of the eyebrow, eyelid and under the eye. Vermilion on the outer of her eye underneath. And mixed a bit of Yellow and Vermilion for the Inner part of the eye underneath. Used Sunburst Yellow to colour around the whole eye and decorations.

With the Indian Flourish I used Versafine Clair Warm Breeze to stamp around her eye. Then used a smoothie to blend the same ink around and coming in quiet deep into the middle.

I then matt and layered the card using my Perfect Layer ruler with another sheet of Ivory underneath, then Black card. I used the rest of the Ivory card to cover the A5 card blank. I then Used my glitter pen on the Indian Flourish on the dots and some of the swirls. On Simmi I sued the glitter pen for the dots on her eyelashes and for the dots underneath her eyes. The Cosmic Shimmer PVA was used on the dots on her eyebrow and above.

Thank you for stopping by 
hope you enter into this month's Creative Challenge.
Good Luck.

Sunday, 28 April 2019


This card was made with using new stamps I brought at the weekend and had to have a go with them.I love Black and Ivory together. The Ivory is much softer than white. All i used to create the background was to sprinkle Brusho's Green Moss onto some card that I lightly spritzed with some water. Here is what I used to make this card:

A4 Black card.
A5 Black 
A4 Ivory card 
A5 Ivory Card
Versafine Clair Warm Breeze.
Versafine Clair Nocturne
Creative Expressions Mini Smoothies
Brusho Moss Green
Brusho Vermilion
Brusho SprinkIt Iridescent Flash
White pen
Clear glitter pen
Cosmic Shimmer Pastel PVA Glue Ivory
Scoreboard (I use the Hunkydory Adorable Scoreboard.)
Lavinia Stamp Moment like these
Lavinia Stamp Group of Poppies
Lavinia Stamp Large Poppy

With both Ivory card spritz it with some water and sprinkle the Brusho's Green Moss over the card. Spritz it more if needed to get the colour activated. I then used some kitchen roll to soak up the colour as I wanted a gentle background. This photo shows the difference between them. The left side is where I used the Kitchen roll and you can see the difference. Used a heat gun to help dry the and put it to one side.

Take you black card and cut it to size. You want it 9 3/4" x 7".
With the 9 3/4" at the top you want to score it at 2 1/2" and 3 5/8". Flip your card over and score at the other side at the same measurements. ( Or see photo.)

With the A4 background you just made, you will need to cut:
2 pieces  2 2/8" x 6 3/4"
2 pieces  7/8" x 6 3/4"
1 piece 2 1/4" x 6 3/4"
You will need to cut a circle at 5" diameter on the A5 black card.
Do a slightly smaller circle on you A5 background card you did earlier.

With the two pieces measuring  2 2/8" x 6 3/4". Place the poppy in the middle and stamp with Versafine Clair Nocturne and repeat on the other one. Then with Versafine Clair Twilight, blend around the edges.

Stamp the fairy on the circle and then to ground her by blending Warm Breeze and a strip of paper to create a landscape. With a small piece of paper that will just cover her wing(mask her wing.) Stamp another poppy over the wing and stamp more poppies around the circle. Cut another circle for the moon/ sun and blend to create the sun/ moon. Like we did when we grounded her.
Glue the everything in place and ground the Poppies. Mix a small amount of SprinkleIt with some water and paint some onto her wings to give some sparkle. Paint the Poppies with the Brusho Vermilion. Use a white pen to do some highlights and use the glitter pen to draw around the moon/sun. The use the Cosmic Shimmer Glue to create some little dimensional dots around the card.

I hope this was easy to follow
Thank you for popping by ,again.
Hope to see you again.
Bye, for now.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Jaylar and the Glow Flowers

Jaylar and the Glow Flowers.

Created this card as a bit of an experiment. I brought a new Brusho colour called Sunburst Lemon. Which is a very bright yellow, so I made a few background with it experimenting with colour and this background I loved as it was a grey background with water marks and this bright yellow in the middles. I also brought some Cosmic Shimmer Twinkles which is a Glitter Glue with a nozzle. So I wanted to see how they were and the glow flowers were perfect for using the glitter glue, plus I used some on the Spanish Moss hanging down. To make this card I used the following:

A5 card blank.
5"X 7" card blank.
White card for Matting.
A5 Black Card.
5" x 7" Gel Press
Speed-ball Brayer
Colorbox Storm
Brusho Sunburst Lemon.
Fan shaped watercolour brush
Lavinia Stamp Jaylar
Lavinia Stamp Glow Flower
Lavinia Stamps Glow flowers set
Lavinia Stamps Willow
Lavinia Stamp Wild Vines
Lavinia Stamp Spanish Moss
Lavinia Stamps See a fairy
Versafine Clair Twilight 
Versafine Clair Nocturne used on Jaylar
Creative Expression Mini Smoothies.
Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Star Twinkles
White Uni-Ball Signo pen. 
Sakura Gelly Roll Glitter pen.

The background was done using those products. I loaded up the brayer with ink from the Colorbox Ink Pad and and rolled it onto the gel press. I then flicked some water onto the gel press with the fan shaped brush. Mixed some Brusho Sunburst Lemon with some water and flicked that onto the Gel Press before I placed my card blank on top. With the cardstock on the Gel Press, I gave the back a rub to get the print of the Gel Press. When done I peeled off my cardstock Giving me my background for the card.

Before I stamp. I get the main stamps I want to use and peel them off from the sheet and lay them onto the card so it gives me an idea of how things are going to look. I also put my mask for the moon/sun down with the stamp sheets. Nothing worse than stamping and then realising you don't like it. When you are happy with it you then can start to stamp.

I always do my Moon/Sun first. I used Twilight and a smoothie to blend outwards from the disc. Giving me a nice shadow for the moon.

Now you can see the Moon/sun. Now to start creating my scene. With the single,large Glow Flower I stamped First then stamped Jaylar on top of the flower. I used the large Glow Flower from the set of two to stamp next to the Glow Flower. I used the Willow as Grass. Used the large one and used a second generation of stamping. ( Stamp it first onto some scrap paper then stamp it onto your cardstock to get a softer stamped image, so it looks like it's in the distance.) I then used the small one and stamped it at the bottom as soon as it was loaded with ink.

Stamped The Wild Vines at the top a then used the thin Spanish Moss with the Second generation of stamping. Did second generation of stamping for when I stamped the verse at the side of the moon as I didn't it so dark. I used the smoothie and blended around the edge with Twilight.

Matt the card onto the white card blank with the size you like. I used a Perfect Layer Ruler to do my matt for my card. Glued the black card onto the blank A5 card. Then Glued the Stamped card into position. Then I used the Sakura glitter pen for her wings by doing random dots on her wings and to go round the moon.With the Twinkles (Glitter Glue that gives dimension when dried.) I used it on the Glow flowers and on the Spanish moss as shown on the photo above. The white pen to add some white dots on the Spanish Moss and to highlight Jaylar.

Put it away laying flat so that the Glitter Glue had time to dry as it takes a while to dry.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope to see you again.
Love Ellie.